Cessna Skyhawk 172, Stantat

Cessna Skyhawk 172, Stantat

Cessna Skyhawk 172, Stantat

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When the production of a new version of the older four-seat Cessna 170 different three-wheeled chassis started in 1956, certainly not even the greatest optimists knew it would be a machine that would last in production to the present and become the best-selling single-engine aircraft of all time - than 43,000 pieces!

In addition to persevering and unobtrusive service to civilian and military users around the world, Cessna 172 has been awarded an incredible endurance record. On December 4, 1958, Cesnna N9172B flew piloted by Robert Timm and John Cook of McCarran Airfield near Las Vegas. After 64 days, 22 hours, 19 minutes and 5 seconds, 4 February 1959 again landed. Fuel, oil, food and water were handed aboard a flight from a truck running along a long straight section of the desert road at the same speed as Cessna flying over it. The record attempt was completed only when the engine running continuously exceeded the usual time between general repairs and its performance dropped so much that it was not enough to climb.

Four-seater high-wing flywheel monster kit designed for rubber beam drive; the manual and plan also allow the model to be built as a free-flying engine with a 0.8cc combustion engine, a tethered model with a combustion engine of 0.8-1ccm or as a static model with sophisticated mold details in museum quality at 1:16 scale.

The model is a classic all-metal construction in a splinter with pre-cut wooden parts, mold accessories from vacuum molded plastic, plastic parts made by injection molding and pre-cut parts from "plastic plywood", lightweight and solid material replacing classical plywood. The hull is, of course, designed with a true low-energy technology with bulkheads and a plurality of longitudinal slots that allow faithful reproduction of round shapes. They are built in two steps - with the "slit" in the vertical plane, you place one half of the hull directly on the worktop, and then "stick" it to the other half. This ensures that even the hull of complicated shapes is straight and symmetrical, without the need for any special products. Since it is a small model for a more advanced builder, you should already have previous experience with classic construction and flushing rubber-driven models.

Skyhawk is also suitable for conversion to a RC model with an electric drive - although the building plan does not offer this option, it would not be a big problem for a more experienced modeller.

The kit includes: balsa pre-cut parts, balsa beams, pre-cut parts made of plastic plywood, vacuum molded parts (cab cover, engine cover, wheel housings ...), plastic propeller with shaft and head, rubber bundle (rubber 5x1mm) on chassis and other small parts, wheels, cover paper, handle and rocker for a tethered model, a sheet of wet decals, building plan.

Tip for construction: Pre-cut parts DO NOT REMOVE! Turn the worktop, lay it on the worktop and lightly grind it with fine sanding paper (No. 220 or finer). The parts can then be separated more easily; if still some wood fibers are "bound" to the cutting board, carefully separate it with a sharp modeling knife (eg Excel knife No. 1 with blade no. 11).

Treating the rubber bundle: Carefully wash the new rubber in soapy water and let it dry. Then lubricate it with castor oil (sold in pharmacies) or silicone grease for lubricating fishing lines (you can get in the stores of fishing tackle). After removing the model, remove it and store it in a sealed plastic bag. The lubricated rubber blade develops more smoothly and with less friction - it gives more power and lasts longer. It is also a good idea to make a new bundle - you only shoot 80-100 revolutions for the first 2-3 years before it can safely shoot more.
Span [mm]     915
Length [mm]     660
Controlled functions     None
Building demand     S3
Pilot Pilotage     P0

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