Hauwker Hurricane Mk-1, Laser Cut

Hauwker Hurricane Mk-1, Laser Cut

Hauwker Hurricane Mk-1, Laser Cut

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Hawker Hurricane on rubber drive 419mm Guillow 4SH0506 The free-floating semi-model kit with a rubber coupled drive. The model has a simple classic all-metal construction.
The kit includes pre-cut wooden parts, molded accessories from vacuum-molded plastic and plastic parts made by injection molding. The fuselage is constructed with minimal-energy technology with bulkheads and a large number of rectangles that allow faithful reproduction of round shapes.
Because it is a very small - albeit relatively simple - model, it is necessary to experience the classic construction and, in particular, the fitting of the rubber-driven models.
Hurricane is also suitable for conversion to miniature RC models with electric drive - for an experienced model and pilot it would not be a big problem.
span: 419 mm
ength: 327 mm

Kit contains:
- Balsa pre-cut parts
- Balzar beams
- vacuum-pressed parts (engine cover, cabin cover ...)
- Plastic propeller with shaft and head
- Rubber bundle
- Wheels
- Steel strings on the chassis small parts
- Coating paper
- decal sheet
- building plan

The model is not designed for beginners. Construction tip: Cut off parts DO NOT ALLOW! Rotate the plate, lay it on the worktop and gently rub with fine sandpaper (No. 220 or finer). The parts can then be easily separated; if still some wood fibers are "bound" to the plate, carefully separate the work with a sharp modeling knife. Treatment of Rubber Bundle: Carefully wash the new rubber in soapy water and allow to dry. Then lubricate with castor oil (sold in a pharmacy) or silicone grease for lubricating fishing lines. After selecting the flyer from the model, select and store it in a closed plastic bag. The lubricated rubber bundle develops more smoothly and with less friction - it gives more power and lasts longer.
The new bundle is good for first - for the first 2-3 years, just shoot 80-100 turns, then you can safely rotate more.
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