Planor Der Kleine Uhu 1330mm , KIT

Planor Der Kleine Uhu 1330mm , KIT

Planor Der Kleine Uhu 1330mm , KIT

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The Graupner classic goes into the ninth generation. Since the 1950s "Der kleine UHU" has stood for classical wood construction and in many cases it laid the foundation for fascinating hobby model building and model sports. Here you can build, cut and paste according to your heart.
The UHU Holzleim glue as well as the most important tool, the ready-to-use grinding block, are already included in the package.

Drive:     Gliding Flight
Wing loading [g / dm2]:     11
Total surface area [dm2] :     17,7
Weight [g]:     195
Tailplane area [dm2]:     3,3
Overall length [mm]:     860
Wingspan [mm]:     1330
Wing area [dm2]:     14,4
Wing section :     Graupner 6642
Version:     Construction Kit

The ninth generation of "Der kleine UHU" continues to meet the guidelines of the "UHU" category, although the model is a completely new development.

The current version

The new "UHU" is the variant with the largest wingspan since the existence of this model series. The newly designed, particularly low-resistance wing have no support ribs. The winglets significantly increase flight stability. The free-flight model now has a V-tail, equipped with a curve control and a separate trim.
The flight characteristics of "Der kleine UHU" have been significantly improved compared to the previous model. The ninth generation is also a real eye-catcher and a visible advancement in terms of visual design. The fuselage, for example, has been deliberately conceived as a chest hull, so that the RC components could be installed in a space-saving and clean manner.

The ninth generation can be equipped with RC components (No. 4316.90). The free-flight model is highly capable. Due to the design, the already finished model can no longer be equipped with remote control components.

"Der kleine UHU" ensures a relaxing "deceleration" during assembly and flight. All components are made of natural material, only the tail boom and the wing joint are made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic.

Recommended accessories
You will find the recommended accessories as well as all instruments and products which are relevant for the construction under "Accessories".

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Der kleine UHU® = registered trademark of the company UHU GmbH & Co. KG, Bühl (Baden) .

    In 2017 we improved the following parts of »Der kleine UHU«:
    All laser parts have engraved position numbers and are already grouped together
    The airfoil lugs Pos.-No. 35 and 35 are already profiled on the upper side
    The CFK transsupport is lighter, only 8.5 g
    The separate parts from the decor sheet are pre-punched and can be removed individually
    The sanding pad is covered with coarse and fine sandpaper
    As an adhesive UHU-hard is included in the kit
    The kit is made in Europe
    The following points remain the same:
    Classic wooden construction set
    High-quality materials
    Towing start capable
    Can be built as a free-flight model or as an RC model
    Ideal for work lessons
    The perfect model to learn the fascination of model making

Included in the kit

    Detailed instructions in German with detailed illustrations
    English, French and Italian available as download
    Laser-cut boards made of balsa wood and plywood
    Profile-sawn strips of balsa wood
    Tail boom made of CFRP
    Wing joint made of CFRP
    UHU Holzleim express glue
    Small parts
    Angle template for V-tail, frames, wing
    Two pieces of decals sheet No. 4316.14
    Ready-to-use sanding block


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